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A set of products intended for the use with a patch test to check potential reactivity on different groups of allergens in cosmetics.
Selected substances are:

1 - Mixture of paraben preservatives
2 - Salicylic Acid - helps to determine sensitivity on different AHA or BHA acids in solutions, peelings, lotions etc.
3 - Preservative DMDM Hydantoin
4 - Preservatives Methylisothiasolinone and Methylchloroisothiasolinone
5 - Propylene Glycol present as a solvent for many ingredients such as plant extracts
6 - Fragrance Mix – most common allergens from perfume and fragrances

*These testing creams are used only to predict possible irritations and allergic reactions on mentioned cosmetic ingredients and cannot cover all allergens present in different cosmetic products, as well as all combinations of ingredients that can cause an allergy.

Package contains 6 bottles of 30 mL