Phi Septo Skin Disinfection Spray


PhiSepto Skin Disinfection Spray is a special formula used for disinfection of cosmetic tools and equipment. Based on quality ingredients and non-toxic. It’s chemical free and Ph balanced. Easy to use and transport. Can be used to clean all PhiAcademy tools. Also, it can disinfect client’s hand. A must-have in any salon.

  • For disinfection
  • Multifunctional spray
  • Efficient cleaning and maintenance
  • Quality ingredients
  • Non-toxic
  • Ph balanced
  • Chemical free
  • Special formula

It mainly consists of less than 5% nonionic surfactant, alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, and basic extract. Based on special formula. Helps cleaning and makes tools last longer. Free of chemicals and non-toxic. It comes in small package easy to transport. The package makes it easy to carry and apply. Keep your tools clean. Also, it can be used to clean client’s hands.

And it comes with non-toxic formula and balanced Ph. Make your tools clean right before the treatment. Even a low amount of spray makes the treatment far safer. Though the spray isn’t a substitute for sterilization, it’s still multifunctional. Use it with tools to ensure a hygienic environment. Spray before application. Prevent any inflammation, infection or irritation. Also, spray it in client’s hands. Make sure they are disinfected. Prevent them from interrupting the service by rubbing or touching their faces.

A must-have for an artist with or without a salon. The small package makes it easy to transport and store in your salon. So compact you can keep it in your pocket. Use it to clean any tool created by PhiAcademy.

They say preparation is a half of victory. Then, PhiSepto is what you need to prepare for a magnificent service. A balanced formula which cleans both tools and skin. It’s non-toxic and Ph balanced. And it’s only 9.88$. Buy it now and strive for the best results with each service.  

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