PhiBrows™ Latex Practice Skin Printed Shape and Outlines 3pcs


Latex practice skin with printed shapes and outlines is the standard kit for microblading training. Totally convenient. Designed for all levels of training. And it feels just like working on real skin. All you need to master the art of microblading, and develop your techniques.


  • 100% Latex
  • Includes 3 pcs & 6 sheets
  • Skin color
  • Printed eyebrow shapes
  • Feels like real skin
  • High ink absorption
  • Ideal for practice


The pad is made completely out of latex. But this latex is different. It is made from a secret latex composition that makes feel like real skin. It also absorbs ink better than real skin. The outlines match all brow shapes. So you get the most out of your practice. With a texture that lets you feel what it’s like to work on a real skin. There are enough pieces to allow you to go from beginner to master in no time. Plus you can use it to test various pigments. Perfect for first ink runs.


Test all aspects of microblading and learn its secrets. Find the perfect stroke, develop your style, apply the right pressure. Test various pigments. Pass the live model test and get your certification. Embrace the practice as a tool for your success. Develop ever more detailed pigment work. Get complete insight on what it’s like to draw eyebrows. Try out various techniques, blades, and tools. Understand, and it will last you for a lifetime.


Give it all you’ve got every day and during each practice session. After a while, it won’t be practical anymore. Pave your way to the next level of microblading. Buy the foundation of your success for only 18$. After all, success is meant for those who work hard.

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