PhiBrows™ Scissors & Tweezers Set


PhiBrows scissors & tweezers set is a valuable asset to any service. Groom and clean client’s face between treatments. Prepare it for service. It comes with premium quality. It can be used for microblading, PMU or lash. Extremely durable. Lasts approximately until you triple your income. Makes your services so much easier.

  • Premium quality
  • Multipurpose
  • Durability
  • Superior grip
  • Gets even the smallest hair

A highly durable set. Materials ensure premium quality. It doesn’t lose sharpness or grip over time. You only need a single kit for various grooming purposes. Impervious to stains or smudges. Easy to maintain. Do it with sterilization and disinfection. That’s about all you have to worry about. It doesn’t rust or deteriorate over time. Set is small and compatible. Keep it always at hand or carry it with you. It’s a small effort to make the most out of service. After all, you are dedicated to the treatment. Now, you have a set of tools to match it.

Use it with any service. Prepare the eyebrows for the treatment. Remove ingrown hair before contouring. Prepare the working area as you see fit. Sharp enough to groom without damaging skin. Groom the lashes before lifting. Give your client an outstanding look. Make the finishing touch. Deliver perfection in each treatment. It gets even the smallest hairs.

The right pick for artists with special consideration for detail. Excellent for making changes at the last minute. So sharp it gives you an edge in any service you provide. Gives your treatment a refined touch.

PhiBrows scissors & tweezers set does an amazing job for either preparation or finishing touches. An essential part of any Phi service. Groom to perfection. And do it for only 9$. That’s more than a fair price if you are going for the finest results in each treatment.

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