Self-Adhesive Pigment Container


Self-adhesive pigment container is a part of the PhiBrows standard equipment. A normal pigment container with extra self-adhesive patches. A solution used by most Phibrows artists and masters. Sterile and clean packaging. Perfect for pigment dosage control. And a highly hygienic environment. Made from plastic and it’s disposable. Multi-practical, you can use it for microblading, PMU or lash. Part of the premium kit that helps to deliver a premium service.


  • Contains 50 pcs
  • Sealed and sterilized
  • 100% hygienic
  • With self-adhesive patch
  • Disposable & easy to use
  • Quality dosage control
  • For extra stability
  • Made from plastic

Stick it onto your hand with the self-adhesive patches for better stability. Designed for use with Phibrows tools. Offers superior dosage control. It’s totally lightweight, you don’t feel it during the service. The self-adhesive patches won’t fall unless you pull them off with a greater force. The pigment container is made entirely from plastic and pre-sterilized, so all you need to do is stick it on and it’s ready for use. The plastic helps retain the pigment for the total duration of the treatment.

It allows you to focus completely on what you’re doing. That’s why it’s great for artists who are making their first steps in microblading, PMU or lash. Just fill it with pigment and stick it onto your hand, it’s just that easy. The container is designed to have exactly enough pigment for each treatment. It makes you more efficient when positioning your hands. Self-adhesive pigment container is hygienic, clean and disposable. So, you can take care of each stroke perfectly and have just the right amount of pigment when you do it.

The self-adhesive pigment container makes it easier for you to work and have just the right amount of pigment when you work. To deliver your services with ease and precision. It’s also a practical buy since it comes with 50 pieces for 50 treatments, and for the price 14$. Buy it today and make sure your treatments more effective and functional.

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