Simplicity Artist Micropigmentation Machine


If you’re in this business, investing in the products and machines is the most important thing, as this is exactly what will bring customer closer to you and more satisfied with the result of your microblading.

Simplicity Artist is a great machine that comes at a great price and is ideal for all the beginners who are just starting their microblading career. With basic performances, this machine is for those who are still not ready to invest in their PBU base training. In case of finishing the PBU base training, Simplicity Artist can be a spare machine in your salon or one that you will be using it for microneedling only.

This machine is mobile and easy to travel with due to the fact that all the commands are on the headpiece, and it uses ultra precise cartridges in 19 different types. Ideal for beginners and people who cannot afford more complicated beginner machines. It possesses all the necessary certificates.

(machine must be plugged in when in use - not wireless)

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