Simplicity Master Micropigmentation Machine


The Simplicity Master inserts needle cartridges into the skin. Implanted pigment gives the brown a soft look. A silent micropigmentation machine with a strong engine and almost no vibrations. And has a special silicone membrane with hygienic patent certified worldwide. True artistry through customization. With 19 available cartridges.


  • Strong engine
  • Silent and no vibration
  • Certified worldwide
  • Ultra-precise
  • Silicone cartridges
  • For 19 cartridge types
  • Special hygienic patent
  • Dermatologically tested & approved

 It is powered by a strong German engine and thanks to Korean perfectionism it is the most silent machine on the market with the least vibration. Really, it’s not about feeling power, it’s about powerful feelings. A precision to bring your client’s wildest imagination into life. Let them ease into treatment. You focus on your artistry. They won’t even notice it’s working. You’ll have to tell them it’s vibrating.

The permanent makeup machine is super safe. It’s certified for use worldwide, with a special hygienic patent in the form of a silicone membrane. It’s extra safe, just like the success of your career. Explore the possibilities with 19 different cartridges. Instead of thinking of 19 pieces, think of it as 19 styles to discover. With it, each new face becomes a canvas of possibility. An amazing feature for acquiring regulars. Seriously, clients choose it 4/5 times instead of regular non-machine tools. They find the service more professional.

As an artist, please don’t be prejudice. Don’t hate the machine. Give it a chance, or better yet, give it a go. The investment pays off after a single day of work. A busy one, but this machine is designed to combine business and pleasure. Take your artistry to the next level, while watching your income skyrocket. Make a masterpiece of your life, too.  

The Simplicity Master achieves artistry through customization. With 19 available cartridges, you are bound to find the right look for any client. A new level of artistry with each treatment. Ultra-precise permanent makeup machine. So, why not buy it?

(machine must be plugged in when in use - not wireless)

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