PhiBrows Artist Blade U18 Classic (50pcs)


PhiBrows Microblading U-Blade is the classic, black blade used for microblading and by all artists, regardless of their skill level. The blade features 18 sharp steel pins flat-fixed next to each other at different length to form the iconic U-shape. This allows you to perform complex strokes at various angles. It can also be mounted on both eccentric and classic microblading tools. Here’s everything else that makes this blade so great:

  • Comes with 50 pcs.
  • 100% sterilized
  • Fits eccentric & classic tools
  • Protective packaging
  • U-shape design
  • 100% for microblading
  • For thicker hair
  • Disposable after use

This revolutionary cutting edge design was developed by the PhiAcademy. By fitting 18 blades flat next to each other at different length to form the U-shape, this blade allows for more precise pigment filling. The design also means it’s easier to move the blade back and forth when working on skin (even in cases where the client has thicker skin). This makes it much easier for beginners to use this tool.

The blade can be easily fitted onto both eccentric and classic microblading tools. This allows you to place the blade at any angle you feel comfortable with. It can also be mounted onto a tool with the adjustable ring for fine strokes at the tip of the brow. However, since it is made from regular steel, you should use it on clients with thicker hairs to achieve maximum results.

Each blade is packaged separately and sterilized for one-time use. When you buy the classic Microblading U-Blade, you pay only $63 for 50 individual blades. That’s just over one dollar per blade and per treatment. Imagine how much money you will earn with a sound investment like this one? A lot, that’s how much.

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